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photographer, creative thinker

I bring a diverse set of skills and philosophical thinking to my practice; a background in fine art and design allows me well informed perspectives concerning aesthetic or intellectual considerations and technical challenges.

Work … love

I have done projects for a variety of clients from large to very small: from ads, to [throw away] catalogue shots: I always approach my work with the same passion to create the best photographs possible.

If you are a designer or artist you might have created something that would look good in my lounge … if you are doing something interesting I would love to be involved. Forming meaningful relationships with creative people that go beyond business transactions is of great importance to me.


  • architecture + interior
  • advertising/lifestyle/portrait
  • object and product


For me a symbiosis of factors help to make a great photo:

  • curiosity
  • a great idea, creative, or problem to solve
  • hard work
  • collaboration
  • context: theoretical, cultural, and historical awareness
  • light helps a lot … from machines or from the sun
image description

A story/or pitch

considered, thoughtful, powerful photographs

A funny thing happened on the way to the design department …

Photography has always been with me, from the dark room at design school, the constant documentation of artwork – rather oddly my design school had a major in sculpture, very Bauhaus, right back to the Canon 110 ED my great uncle gave me when I was 7. I took lots of photos of stuff around the garden: Inspired by ‘reading’ a lot of Nat Geo – rather I looked at the photos.

It took a detour of close to a decade working in the design world to properly realise that I am more interested in making photos, than putting them in layouts. Rather than part of an equation, photography really is the final sum for me: a field where my sensibilities as a (trained) artist and designer, a thinker and a technician work in synthesis.

The challenges that arise from trying to tell light what to do don’t stop inspiring and motivating me. I am always interested in pushing the boundaries of my experience in the realms of photography, art, architecture and design, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a project that you want to talk about or need help with.


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North Manly // Sydney // Australia

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